Every time you email that 8MB attachment to 90 members of staff, the Exchange gods kill a kitten.

Why? Because by dumping an 8MB message in 90 mailboxes, you ate up 720MB of storage on the Exchange server, and I know full well that half those people will never delete it from their inbox. You only have to do this a few times before this gets expensive.

In short, stop it. The shared drive is there for a reason, and I’m running out of disk space to allocate to the mail server.

I’m also running out of kittens.

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10 responses to “Attachment”

  1. webman says :

    I half-blame the server software for not acting intelligently in this situation.

  2. Mat Smith says :

    Boo to the new version of Exchange 2010 which abolished message deduplication!


  3. Lukas Beeler says :

    Exchange up to 2007 had SIS – Single Instance Storage. So if you’re on Exchange 2007 or below, this mail will only use 8MB per Storage Group – not 720MB in total.

    Exchange 2010 killed SIS for performance reason. They’ve also moved away from high-performance storage, recommending JBOD with SATA and DAG for reliability.

    So – if you’re on 2007 or below – don’t worry, SIS will take care of it. If you’re on Exchange 2010, those 1TB disks are cheap.

  4. 17G33K says :

    OMFG at you must be reading my mind. I had a 5mb attachment today and was sent to 130 staff and sender was confused as to why I was ranting in his office 2 minutes later

    do staff never learn shared disk and link to file easy efficient and dosent analy asault my poor exchange server

  5. Lukas Beeler says :

    You guys know you could block mails with to many recipients and attachments using Transport Rules if you’re on Exchange 2007 and up, right?

    • AngryTechnician says :

      The last time I tried that, the offenders started emailing the attachments out in smaller batches…

      • tmcd35 says :

        Kudos to the enduring creativity of the end user. I shouldn’t laugh, but that’s bloody funny!

      • Dale says :

        What we did at my last employer, a Domino shop, was add a script to the mail send template which basically said to the end user:
        “Warning: You’re sending you 11mb attachment to over 20 users. Shouldn’t you store it in the ‘share drive’ and link to it instead”.

        That mostly worked.

  6. Trapper says :

    We lock ’em down to using OWA only, with an attachment cap of 9MB.

    If they want to email 100 separate email attachments from the OWA client, which is an horrendously painful experience, good on ’em!

    Nice to know about Exch 2010 removing Single Instance Storage. When we upgrade we seriously need to drop the cap, and get hard on people sending crap over the email system. That’s what the Shared Area is for, damnit!

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