I know that reading comprehension is hard, but this message does not mean the black cartridge has run out. If it had run out, it would say BLACK CARTRIDGE OUT. You know, like it did last time the black cartridge ran out?

All this means is that someone should order a black cartridge. The clue is in the message itself: ORDER BLACK CARTRIDGE.

Do you see? Do you see?

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5 responses to “ORDER BLACK CARTRIDGE”

  1. Mr Mat says :

    I see.

    But you have to admit,

    a) Printers aren’t known for their linguistically subtle, intelligent use of lights, notifications, and error message

    b) Inclusion of the word “soon” into that error message may really have helped matters a great deal…


  2. samba_man says :

    We get the same trouble as you here, I would much rather it say ‘BLACK TONER LOW’.

    • TheMongoose says :

      Even a message saying “Black toner low” just gets you tickets saying “the printer’s out of ink”.


  3. ICT_Tech says :

    I have it the other way round.

    They call up saying that they have been taking the toner cartridge and shaking it for the last week and now it’s totally gone the printer won’t print anymore. Meaning I gotta stop what I’m doing and ‘run’ over there with a new cartridge.

    Do they not have a brain cell that says “hey it seems the toner is getting low, maybe I should ask for a new one”

    Life would be so much easier without the staff :-)

  4. tombull89 says :

    Yup, same here. Especially in schools.
    – Get a call saying printer is out of toner
    – Check if we have toner in stock
    – Find the actual toner
    – Write the price, department, date on a sheet
    – Take the cartirdge over to the room
    – Read on screen “order toner”
    – Scream.

    Now I make a habit of checking the print server before leaving the office.

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