Federico forwarded me this email today, a mailshot from the makers of my previous school’s defunct language lab, which was a pile of junk even when it wasn’t in its near-constant state of dysfunction.

Is your SANAKO Language Laboratory up to date? As a Certified Microsoft Partner, all SANAKO solutions are compatible with Windows 7. However, should your institution decide to migrate to the Windows 7 platform then your existing SANAKO Lab 100 will require a software upgrade.

There’s so much wrong with this email, I almost don’t know where to begin. Almost.


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6 responses to “Comical”

  1. Mr M says :

    1. Comic Sans.

    2. Being ambiguous as to whether the ‘required’ software upgrade is the same one they talk about at the bottom of the email, the one requiring paying money.

    3. The use of the phrase ‘future proof’ which clearly points towards the fact their software product wasn’t future proofed in the first place, thus possibly requiring having to PAY THEM MONEY to upgrade to support Windows 7.

    4. Windows 7 and Windows XP are different _operating systems_, not different _platforms_.

    5. Wait. So the previous version of your language lab software didn’t allow you to RECORD ORALS?

    6. How is an offer for a software upgrade “exclusive” when you are offering it to all your existing customers?

    7. Why do you keep writing SANAKO in CAPITAL LETTERS?

    8. Comic Sans.

  2. tombull89 says :

    Totally Agree. Anything that comes to me in Comic Sans gets deleted or the font changed and e-mailed back asking them NOT to use it. It’s unprofessional, amatureish, and I hope to got gets dropped in Windows 8.

  3. Giles says :

    LOL – fair enough :)

  4. BM says :

    Thought you might like this:

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