Crash Protection FAIL

Upgraded to Firefox 3.6 today, complete with its new Crash Protection. Unfortunately it doesn’t extend to Adobe Reader, as I found the moment I clicked on an open PDF tab, just seconds after upgrading.

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3 responses to “Crash Protection FAIL”

  1. TheCrust says :

    I wouldn’t blame Firefox completely – didn’t someone called “Jobs” once say he was withdrawing support for some Adobe software because it was the most prolific causes of instability and crashes in a certain OS?


    • AngryTechnician says :

      Oh, I’m under no illusions about how astronomically unstable Adobe products are, and Mozilla do say that Crash Protection is currently only protecting against Flash, Silverlight, and (haha) Quicktime. I just thought it was amusing that a plugin they omitted from that list crashed the browser within seconds of them telling me I was now protected from crashes.

      Technically it’s not a failure of the crash protection technology, but a failure of not extending that technology to the plugin that causes the most crashes for me. To be fair, I would probably have Flash listed as my #1 crash causer if not for the fact that I use Flashblock.

      • Andy says :

        Ah that’s why I switched to FoxIT reader .. doesn’t support all the Adobe rubbish they now put into PDF (like live editing) but it doesn’t crash at all for me.

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