This is why I hate eBay

I’ve been using eBay for years (though not as much now as I used to), and yet the whole site still seems as amateur and unfinished as ever, as well as being plagued by dodgy sellers listing items for 1p and charging £8.99 shipping from Hong Kong in order to scam eBay out of final value fees. Today I found out that a recent purchase I made got sent to my old school, which although was still my default postage address when I went through checkout, was not the address I picked. It’s also not the one that appears on the invoice, but it was somehow given to the seller.

The seller checked his online invoice again today – and the address shown was now the correct one, despite the fact you can’t change the address after checkout.


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7 responses to “This is why I hate eBay”

  1. TheCrust says :

    I am strangely amused by the fact that reading this post straight off the link from your twitter feed shows it with an ad for Ebay immediately underneath your rant, thanks to Ads by Google.

    Irony. How I love thee. :-)

  2. Dan says :

    The delivery address issue has happened to me on several occasions, a great deal of embarrassment and inconvenience caused.

  3. Shawn says :

    Ebay traffic is down massively this summer compared to last. They are getting hammered, but its the small time sellers who lose the most. Hopefully some large company will come into the auction world and compete with Ebay!

  4. Localzuk says :

    Exactly the same thing happened to me before. Ended up costing me £30 as neither the seller or ebay would admit fault. Irritating to say the least!

  5. Car Buyer says :

    The delivery problem has happened to me too. I rarely use ebay anymore. Its just not worth it with all the problems and the ridiculous final value fees. Ebay do seem to be having problems though as they seem to do a lot of free listing weekends now

  6. Mandy says :


    I have also had an eBay account for several years, almost since eBay started. Recently I have been forced to give a refund to someone who did not return a £55 PC tablet, it was taken from my account, that had been frozen because I refused to refund for an item that I had not had returned. So I didn’t have the tablet or the money. This also meant that no one could pay for goods that were in on-going auctions at the same time, so they became annoyed, cancelled the transactions and put neutral feedback on my account. Then last week I found out that I had accidentally inputted three BIN PayPal email addresses so again payment couldn’t be received (this dizziness was probably due to the fact that my mother was very seriously ill in hospital.) I had put half of one of my email addresses and half of the other i.e. I put instead of, my fault.) I rang eBay for a solution as I did not realise what had happened until the auction ended, and they told me what I had done and suggested that I tell the buyers to cancel the payment and then pay me directly via PayPals ‘Send money’ tab, so I did this. Two people contacted eBay and PayPal who then said ‘DON’T DO IT,’ it could be fraud, so why tell me to offer that option in the first place. So I went to cancel the transaction but I couldn’t for another 4 days. In the meantime I am getting messages from disgruntled buyers treating me like I am some sort of criminal!!!

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