The Wanderer

Somewhere in the deepest, darkest, regions of a DHL warehouse, is package #77 of 118 from my annual Dell workstation shipment. The others were delivered yesterday, but #77 has eluded both the driver and his compatriots at the depot.

I’d be more annoyed, but the driver did help us move the remaining 117 to their secret storage area, somewhere in the grounds of the school. There were stairs involved. It was painful towards the end. I had to go home and shower afterwards.

The willingness of the DHL driver to endure a grotesque amount of suffering is a stark contrast to Dell’s normal courier, Walsh Western, who are normally about as much help as Clippy the talking paperclip. They once failed to deliver our order because they claimed they couldn’t get under the low bridge. That’s all very well, but there are three other roads into town that don’t have a low bridge. Apparently it hadn’t occurred to the untrained donkey driving the truck to try another route. They are also quite happy to deliver equipment heavy enough to kill a man on a truck without a tail-lift, and were genuinely surprised one year when they arrived unannounced at 6am and found no-one ready to meet them.

As you can understand, one delayed package is a frankly a welcome relief in comparison.

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5 responses to “The Wanderer”

  1. Leighton James says :

    How strange?? I have never had a single package out of a large order go missing. Hope it turns out.

    Nice to see you back AT. Nice Holiday????

  2. Ollie says :

    Parts for 179 computers arrived today. Had to get them off the lorry and into the canteen then into our storage area during break so the canteen was full of kids. D:

    When we’d stacked the room up to the ceiling with boxes we then had to move ALL of the cases out again because we couldn’t decide on how many there were.


  3. Mark Scholes says :

    I was slightly distressed to see our dell delivery say it was 1/3rd of a tonne. Then there were the 250 laptops, 50 more should be arriving soon. Anyone got a job at a school with a lift?

  4. Jon says :

    Walsh Western agh!! I had to project manage a 2400 pc roll out. All left Ireland on time. Then somehow Walsh Western confused the process no knowledge of the shipments. A call to Dell and the fact it was to be a case study sorted them out.

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