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A recent visit to my dad’s loft revealed that he had kept both the NES and SNES from my youth, items which were quickly liberated and set up for, uh, ‘testing’.

It turns out that the NES Zapper light gun, along with most almost all light guns of the day, doesn’t work on LCD TVs, so Duck Hunt will have to wait until another day. The SNES, along with the Super Game Boy, is working fine, however:

Mrs AngryTechnician playing Tetris

In other news, I almost put my back out lifting a Dell PowerVault into the server rack today. At least the Ready Rails kit is a damn sight better than the sorry excuse of a rail kit that came with the RM SmartCache.

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6 responses to “Retro Gaming”

  1. ICT_Tech says :

    Did you have the light gun thingy for the SNES?? it was like have a RPG on your shoulder :-)

  2. BM says :

    Super Scope 6 wasnt it?

    • ICT_Tech says :

      Yeah that’s the one! :-)

      I loved the one with the missiles going across the screen and the aliens flying in….ahh the memories

      Also remembered that the damn thing took like 4-6 AA batteries

  3. Gerard Sweeney says :

    I too am a lover of Retro gaming. You need only look at my Website (linked to my name) for proof of this.

    What’s that? Shameless plug? Gadzooks – perish the thought.

    Incidentally, Angry – you have a very unusual colour palette in your house. Kudos on finding books and picture frames with matching sleeve colours.. Ahhh… Ahhhh… We fade to grey.

    Alternatively – how’d you do that, then? :)

  4. GiraffeOnAStick (aka Indiegirl) says :

    You have just inspired me to get up and into my loft and unearth the Megadrive I’ve got up there, complete with Sensible Soccer… problem is, I won’t be able to ignore the other bits ‘n pieces up there too.

    I need another bedroom for a retro gaming room. *sniff*

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