I’m just following YOUR damned instructions!

In general, I try to do what I’m told. I follow the directions. I obey the posted limit. I RTFM.

So when I get a big sodding yellow reprimand on PayPal despite checking the instructions to see exactly what they wanted me to do…


What’s worse is that this always happens with Amex. For those who don’t have one, Amex cards have a 4-digit code on the front in addition to the ‘normal’ 3-digit one on the back. There isn’t a merchant in the world that ever tells me which CSC they want (hell, they can’t even settle on what to call it). Sometimes they want the one on the front. Sometimes the one on the back. They NEVER ASK FOR THE RIGHT ONE.

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One response to “I’m just following YOUR damned instructions!”

  1. Claudio says :

    I was surprised to see “four digit card verification number” since I was sure that would always be a number containing 3 digits. Until I read your post. I think you’re still good to use your AMEX as long as such forms don’t limit the input field (max length 3). No matter what kind of types and logical errors there might be on the website.

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