The site maintenance team have been a man down all summer this year due to one of them suffering an unfortunate and painful medical complication a few weeks before term ended. This means that aside from the 15 minutes helping me unload the Dell delivery (15 minutes I was very grateful for), they’ve not been able to spare much time, given that schools do the vast majority of their building works during the summer (as well as the vast majority of their IT upgrades).

So, as the only member of the IT team, if computers need moving, it’s me that moves them. And a lot of computers need moving.

I multiplied up the weight of the kit I was moving around today, and realised that in the space of an afternoon, I have carried more than a metric tonne of computer equipment across the site. No wonder I’m sodding knackered.

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7 responses to “Metric”

  1. ITTech says :

    You need to hire some more staff :D

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Was discussing with the Deputy Head just today about how I would almost certainly need someone next summer. My preference would in fact be to hire an industrial year student from the local uni, as I’m a big proponent of industrial year placements having done one myself. Whether I could secure funding for that is another discussion entirely.

  2. _techie_ says :

    Know what you mean….we have a little jingle here at our place…namely:

    “Shifting S*** about…its what we’re all about!”
    We must have moved about the same I reckon, damn CRT’s when will you die!!!

  3. ICT_Tech says :

    We got the principals son and security officers son to do some of the grunt work for us as well as unpacking loads of Dell boxes this year. Made things so much easier

  4. mavhc says :

    It turns out that although 1 laptop is light, 350 are heavy. At least now they’ve built the secure room they can’t move it, yet again. And the dell desktop delivery said 1/3rd of a tonne.

    Probably getting on for a tonne of stuff I moved into the garage to be WEEE’d too

  5. Gerard Sweeney says :

    That sounds like our Summer time – every flippin’ year.

    Our Council implemented a scheme of a PC in every classroom in every High School for pupil attendance and/or Promethean whiteboards. Unfortunately, they didn’t invest any money in this so the PCs in question were ones which had been in storage for 2-3 years (making them 6-7 years old).

    Every year, we have a rolling program where the PCs which are 4 years old. These 4 year old ones replace the 5 year old ones which replace the.. You get the idea.

    Our department has lost bodies since last year so this year, I estimate I hoofed about 250 PCs this year in my main school alone which is less than the previous year.

    Mercifully this year had the last 30 17 inch CRTs – good riddance!

    And teachers wonder why I sob bitterly when they ask how I enjoyed my Summer holiday!!!!

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