Mysterious Blue Smoke

As Adam Savage says:

“…when you see the mysterious blue smoke, electronics don’t work any more.”

Curiously, it also smelled like TCP.

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11 responses to “Mysterious Blue Smoke”

  1. Mr M says :

    Or as CC put it in my electronic lessons, “I love the smell of burning silicone in the mornings”

  2. Gerard Sweeney says :

    Did a cat yak up a furball on your motherboard, or something?!?!?

  3. Joe K says :

    Just remember….Any one can let the out the magic smoke…..But a professional can put it back in (or at least make it look that way to the end user).

  4. Dale says :

    First time I heard the blue smoke theory, it was “Electronics are powered by blue smoke. When the smoke escapes, nothing works anymore.”

    from an English chap I was working with 10 years ago.

  5. Ivaarsen says :

    @ Gerrard Sweeny

    Looks like a capacitor exploded.

    Methinks as a result of The Smoke escaping from the device on its left. Must have made a good popping noise when it went.

    You get to see some interesting things, Mr. Technician. I’m glad I found your site / blog. Cheers!

  6. Leighton James says :

    Cool!! Worst capacitor’s i have seen have been slightly bulging. never actually seen one burst though!

    I agree with Ivaarsen, you get to see the strangest of things!!

  7. Ste says :

    Would this happen to be a KVM type switch / monitor switch for a projector or somthing along those lines?

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Close – it’s a VGA splitter, simply duplicates the image on both the monitor and the projector. They are all shonky pieces of junk, and I am slowly replacing them with computers that have proper dual monitor outputs.

  8. Mark says :

    Capacitor says no ;)

  9. Sjaak Trekhaak says :

    Aah, G-LUXON, one of the ‘fine’ brand of capacitors!

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