Anyone else have an interactive projector?

After the BETT show earlier this year, I blogged about the PVI2600 Pro-Vue Interactive Projector that I’d had a play with at the CIE Group stand, and had been quite impressed with. At the time, commenters also pointed out the not dissimilar Epson Brightlink 450Wi and the Infocus IN3904 projectors. I was intrigued.

After much deliberation, I recently bought an InFocus IN3904 as an experiment, and am liking it so far. Does anyone have either of the other two (the Epson BrightLink or PVI2600) – or even another type I’ve not heard about – and would be interested in collaborating on a comparative review? Get in touch via the comments.

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2 responses to “Anyone else have an interactive projector?”

  1. Peter Niblock says :

    I have bought the PVI2600 from CIE, i have also tested your Epson and Infocus, The reason i choose the PVI was because of the setup, size and ease of use. I am still playing with it on a daily basis but i am very impressed with the following: my model comes with the optional short throw lens which simply plugs into the front reducing the standard throw distance to less than 1.8m for 6′ wide picture, image quality is by far the best in range! contrast is far better in reality than on paper, it compares to my Mitsubishi DLPs which are superb for video etc. The wand on the PVI is the easiest way to get productive results, with an easy grip which you get used with very quickly, no lag or response issues either. I have also used the PVI with various Interactive software suites and it really is superb… in short when i compared the PVI to the epson i found the driver a whole lot more stable and with respect to the infocus, depth and colours, contrast and even in my case the driver on vista failed…… how did you find it?

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