When you receive a shipment that has:

  • 1 item in the box that the delivery note claims is on back order,
  • 1 item missing from the box that the delivery note says has been shipped, AND
  • 1 item from the order mysteriously replaced with a different item that you can’t even find in the catalogue,

you know that someone in the warehouse was three sheets to the wind on Friday afternoon.

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3 responses to “Shipping”

  1. Daniel Dainty says :

    I once ordered 30 harddrives from Insight. The next day, I received a box with thirty loose harddrives in. No packaging, no air-foam, no polystyrene protection, just a big spacious box full of harddrives that looked like they’d really enjoyed their bumpy ride from Sheffield.

  2. Gerard Sweeney says :

    Well, if you got them the next day it wouldn’t have been a very long bumpy ride, as they must have driven the delivery van really quickly…

    With that kind of logic, I really am wasted (You certainly sound it! Ed) in my current job – I should be running the place. Or something.

  3. Andy says :

    Well I’ve recently had one from Dell:
    Order arrived with packing note that had the following on it..

    Delivery address: School name incorrect but correct address and postcode
    Contact address: School name incorrect but correct address and postcode
    (on the same bit of paper at the bottom follows…)
    Invoice address: Completely different school name and address

    I have to wonder sometimes what the hell that company are doing. Despite being stupidly uncontactable with a dire website ordering system, when I do actually talk to somebody they decide to invoice a random primary school…

    Do their sales staff get paid in gin or something?

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