Advance Warning

I got a ticket through today at 15.50 asking for 20 machines to have Java installed by 16.30. Since I was up to my eyeballs virtualising some sodding awful Learning Support software, I didn’t even see it until 16.15.

I approved the machines for a Java install in System Center, then went and found the teacher responsible. I explained that the install would happen overnight just like every other install, and that if it had not been for the fact she had recently had cause to deliver a large bar of chocolate to my office, we would have been going downtown and only one of us would have been coming back.

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3 responses to “Advance Warning”

  1. Gerard Sweeney says :

    Our authority has recently (ish) implemented Altiris Deployment Solution whereby we can now push out software to PCs so long as someone (usually me) has sat down and worked out a silent installer script. EG Installshield setup /s; msiexec etc.

    Like you, we’ve had instances where people have asked for x to be installed in amazingly short times. In some cases, they’re asking for it 2 minutes after they’ve handed the CD over!! These are usually met with a polite exchange via email/phone explaining the finer points of software installations.

    We also get schools asking for some spectacularly unsuitable bits of software to be installed on every PC in the school thanks to an apparent lack of distinction between “the author/publisher says I MAY put this on every PC in the school” and “I actually NEED this on every PC in the school”.

    And that’s not going near the ones who don’t understand the concept of licences. And don’t get me started on shareware.

    Fun fun fun!

    Still – it’s better than wandering round each workstation individually (shudder)

  2. Gerard Sweeney says :

    Thanks for the suggestion. and Edugeek are always my first two stops whenever presented with a new bit of software.

    I’ll sometimes be lucky and find someone has done the work, but more often than not it’ll be some fairly obscure title like Billy’s Big Bandstand or something equally alliterative.

    I do sometimes post my installer notes/scripts on AppDeploy myself if I have the time.. I’m approaching 300 of the things now – though I’ve not posted all of those, oddly enough!

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