While reviewing my Lansweeper reports today after installing the latest update, I discovered that the computer connected to the projector in one of our classrooms has not had a single user logon since May.


You know, that month that was half a year ago?

I know we’ve had the summer break in between, but that sort of under-use is just offensive. I immediately removed its printer (along with the 5 reams of paper sitting next to it), and swapped the SMART Board with one that has been playing up in another (much more utilised) classroom.

I’ll let you know if and when someone complains about either of these things. Don’t hold your breath.

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4 responses to “Neglect”

  1. Marc says :

    Don’t blame you. We would got moaned at that SIMS ins’t working, rather than the projector or smart board. They are well used in our school to be fair, and often left on over holidays despite being told the price of bulbs.

  2. ScottishTech says :

    We don’t have that kind of PC under-usage in this school, so far as I’m aware.

    We do – however – have an extreme lack of use of the rather expensive Activboards in certain rooms.

    One of the teachers in the ICT rooms logged a call last month that her whiteboard wasn’t working.

    Upon examination, I found the reason was that the driver for the board hadn’t been installed.

    Upon closer examination, I found that due to a cock-up by my good self with the rebuilding job, none of the 15 ICT suites in the school had drivers for their boards. And two hadn’t been reimaged this Summer but had been last summer. In other words, nearly 16 months ago.

    And yet when asked about sacrificing a board from any of these rooms to cover one which suffered from the odd bout of not playing nice, all teachers responsible for said rooms acted as though they’d rather lose a limb.

  3. FobbedOff says :

    We devised a script that reports timestamps to a database on start up, shut down, log on and log off and this allows a fairly precise level of reporting. We can see when machines don’t report in because they have been stolen, don’t work or are just not used. The results are quite surprising and are fantastic when supporting the age replacement (or not) argument we have every year. Of course the staff deny the statistics until I can tell them exactly which machines around the college they logged on to, on a specific day, going back 3-4 years.

    It’s also a good tool for finding out the last user of the machine before it got vandalised or if users are sharing user names.

    Now if I can just tell which applications on machines are used the most or not at all I can spend the software budget more wisely too.

  4. Tony says :

    We set up a VS for an edexcel ALAN Testing course
    which sat unused for two years. Every term I would
    mail the relevant members of staff, and every term I
    would either receive no reply at all or a mail telling
    me it was still ‘being considered’. A year ago I pulled
    the plug and guess what? Yeah, you got it…

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