Ever since the Android 2.2 upgrade on my Dell Streak, one particularly annoying problem plagued me. Every morning after powering up my Dell Streak, the email application would crash, and my Exchange account would vanish from the device.

The application Email (Process has stopped unexpectedly.

It didn’t do it every time I powered on; just in the mornings. I suspect it was specifically happening after a power-on when there were new messages waiting, since a quick power cycle never left time for new messages to arrive.

I tried a shorter sync period (2 weeks instead of a month). I tried clearing the data of the email app and starting over. Nothing helped. I even tried living with just IMAP again for a while, which stopped the crashes, but for some reason push notifications didn’t work any more despite working fine in Android 1.6. So, after I became thoroughly bored with my new morning routine of re-entering my Exchange account details over breakfast, I sat down and had a think about what the cause could be. Other 2.2 devices weren’t this broken, or Google would damn well know about it. It had to be something specific to the Streak.

Then it hit me. The Dell Stage isn’t just specific to the Streak, it’s unique to the Streak. There’s a stage widget for email that I’d been using since it was one of the few parts of the Dell Stage I actually liked. But was it so horribly broken that it was crashing the email app every day?

Of course it bloody well was. I removed it 5 days ago and haven’t had a single crash since. Screw you, Dell. Now, can you please fix the intermittent touchscreen freeze while the phone is locked?

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6 responses to “Culprit”

  1. Andy says :

    Ouch, on one hand it’s annoying to find something like that and on the other it’s self gratifying to have solved it.

  2. ICT_Tech says :

    So far the one member of staff with a Streak has yet to come forward and ask to connect it to our exchange. I hope he has had enough and took it back to shops :-)

    Hats off to you for persevering with it!

  3. Neil says :

    Being a school it admin myself I spend so much time fixing stuff and solving problems i have no desire to spend much time putting up with problems on my own stuff. That why I don’t have android phone. I took the sensible step of having an iPhone and it never gives me a moments trouble. I grow weary of listening to people complain about android I really do. I have used it myself and I afraid it does not impress me at all. Even the older 3GS would be step forward for you.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Oh, I hear you. I’d much rather my phone just worked, but I have no desire to buy a phone that’s twice the price it should be and has a tiny little screen.

      I also know more than one person who has suffered a bricked iPhone via an OTA update, so they are by no means perfect.

  4. jimmylin says :


    Could you check Build Number of your device?
    If you are O2 user, please upgrade to build#12792.
    If you are retail user, please upgrade to build#12821.


    • AngryTechnician says :

      I have upgraded to 12821 since writing the original article, but after learning to live without the email stage widget, I haven’t tried it. As far as I know there has been no published info on what was fixed, and I’m not really in the mood for having to reconfigure my Exchange account for the 20th time if the problem is still there. Maybe if I’m bored over Christmas, I’ll give it a go.

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