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If you have a star on the product box proclaiming that it’s the “Latest Version”, and it’s not even a sticker but an actual part of the printed design, you are practically begging me to ridicule you in 10 years’ time.

Found in the Bursary behind a bunch of ring binders. Apparently still the latest version – who am I to argue?

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7 responses to “Latest Version”

  1. mavhc says :

    Obviously the design team charged so much for this box design they expected MS to be bankrupt before another version was released.

    New College
    New England

  2. Adrian Cotton says :

    Seems fine to me looks like the latest version of “Microsoft Office 2000 Professional”

  3. Tony says :

    Wow! There’s an upgrade to Office 97?!?

  4. Pete says :

    Sorry to say that we as a medium sized multi million pound business are still using this latest version of Office, albeit with SP1. I wonder if I can dig out the box for Exchange 5.5…………..

  5. ScottishTech says :

    Back in their 8 bit budget games day, CodeMasters used to be guilty of this very same thing – a fair chunk of their cassette inlays [*] used to have “NEW!” printed on them – which did get them into a tiny bit of bother when they re-released the odd 2-3 year old full-price game under a totally different name. Oopsie.

    With their games nowadays, of course, it merely FEELS like this is what they’ve done (Miaow! Ed)

    [*] Yes, kids – games used to come on cassette and would take anywhere from 3-5 minutes to load. And if you don’t know what cassettes are, ask your Mum or Dad. God, that didn’t feel good to type!

  6. ScottishTech says :

    They also used to have “reviews” on the back of the inlays like (paraphrased example):

    SUPER! AMAZING! FANTASTIC! The best football/racing/tea-making game yet!
    David Darling

    David Darling – of course – co-ran the frickin’ company. Try doing that nowadays. You at least need to bribe some magazine/website to publish the review. Or pay someone to post a few on Amazon :)

    [I’m not suggesting Codies have ever committed this heinous act nowadays – before they set their lawyers on me]

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