Dear Dell

What kind of booze-addled lunatic designs a server BIOS update that resets the configuration of the SATA controller, rendering the server unbootable?

What’s more, which moron on your technical author staff managed to completely omit even a mere mention of this idiocy from the installation instructions or the Readme?

Love and kisses (and a little bit of despair),

(For anyone else planning a BIOS update of a Dell PowerEdge R410, the 1.5.3 version added support for AHCI to the BIOS, and switches to this mode by default after the update. You’ll need to switch it back to RAID in the BIOS if you want your server to boot. You will be warned that “data loss will occur” but the RAID configuration should still be intact.)

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5 responses to “Dear Dell”

  1. Daniel Beardsmore says :

    Wow, that’s one significant level of suck! Sounds like it was a miracle that you got out of that with a bootable server. Dell had me remotely update a server BIOS (not a pleasant notion) on a machine on the Isle of Man and it never came back, but that got tracked down to the BIOS trying to boot from the USB backup drive and giving up. I don’t know why it would want to try doing that, and I would have dearly appreciated the server taking into consideration that the hard drive was in fact a bootable RAID volume and kindly using that instead.

  2. Jon says :

    Enterprise LOM is well worth the extra pennies. I think you only get the standard version with the PE ‘R’ range. I did on my R610 anyway. I then upgraded to the enterprise version. Theres no remote console on the standard version.

  3. Tim says :

    This occasionally happens spontaneously on Dell PCs. No update needed.

  4. Michael Wendt says :

    Thanks for the post. One of my techs just called me in a panic, convinced he’d wiped out the customer’s server. Switched from AHCI back to RAID and all is well.

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