Deliveries – Part 2

I’ve regaled you all before with my whinging about delivery companies who assume the school is closed the moment term finishes. But what about the ones who assume were are open at all times of the day – and night?

Walsh Western were masters of this. They once turned up at the school with a delivery of 300 boxes at 7.30am and wondered why no-one was there to unload. We made them wait. They deserved it. The year before they had told us they couldn’t get to the school because the lorry wouldn’t fit under the low bridge. I offered to explain to them the 3 other routes into town that didn’t have a low bridge.

Recently, it’s been the turn of DPD:

I have to wonder how many businesses they deliver to that can receive parcels after 6pm, let alone schools. I went to their website and rearranged for the next day. Inexplicably, they decided a later time slot would be better, this time from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. As I happened to be working late, I left instructions on the front of the school until about 15 minutes before the end of the slot, then went to wait in front of the admin building.

And waited.

Imagine my surprise when they didn’t bother to show up at all.

The DPD website deliberately omits telephone numbers for the local depots, and after a brief tussle with the utterly useless automated customer service number (which has no actual humans at all, therefore making it even less useful than the website), I found a post online detailing the actual depot phone numbers of the local depots. When I called, I was told the depot was just locking up for the night, and that my parcel was in the back of a van in the depot. They hadn’t even bothered to attempt a delivery. Or let me know.

I was… displeased.

Eventually the package turned up a few days later, with some cryptic scrawl in Biro across the front, and equally cryptic scrawl scribbled out on another label, as if I was somehow going to decipher the insane cacography of their driver and discover that the real reason my package was delayed was due to a prolonged battle on the local bypass between Mr Flibble and the Fourth Grand Space Wombat Legion.

Overall, I’d place DPD somewhere between Parcel Farce and Home Delivery Network. Would not use again.

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5 responses to “Deliveries – Part 2”

  1. helpdeskmonkey says :

    Home delivery network are terrible!

  2. Chris says :

    I once had FedEx tell me for over a week they could not deliver a package (computer part in a box the size of a pencil case) because they could only deliver it to receiving and there was one in receiving to sign for it. This, despite the fact that I repeatedly explained we did not have a “receiving” and the instructions were to come in the front door and check in at the office. And…here is a kicker…during that timeframe, the same company came and picked up a package I left waiting at the front desk for return.

  3. Tom says :

    They are no better when it comes to collection. Although this time I will blame HP. Arranged for a HP laptop warranty repair (india I think). After I put the phone down, I received seven emails from UPS with different tracking numbers! The next day TNT(!) turned up to collect the parcel! Later that day, UPS turned up and said they were here to collect the seven laptops! I still don’t know if the laptop has actually arrived at it’s destination.

  4. ScottishTech says :

    Nice to know I’m not the only one who had that problem.

    We recently had to have 4 out of the 8 drives in our HP server start showing pretty orange lights. 4 replacements were shipped out.

    Upon replacing the fourth, it was discovered that it too was gubbed. A replacement for the replacement was shipped.

    Trying to arrange pickups of all 5 drives was less challenging than alchemy. 4 times. 4 bloody times I had to phone HP over the space of 2 weeks.

    * First nobody showed up at all because it was a holiday (ding!)

    * Second someone from Courier company A came to pick up the most recently swapped drive.

    * Third someone came from Courier company B to collect 2 out of the 4 drives (but didn’t know which 2, so it was lucky dip time).

    * Fourth someone from Courier company A finally appeared to collect the other two.

    Next time I’ll just hold onto the stuff until someone phones me looking for it!!

  5. Amanda says :

    They’re absolute c*** for home deliveries too. The last time I was waiting for a parcel from them I was reduced to near homicidal rage. I was inches away of hunting down some b***h named Karen at the local depot and punching her in the face, along with the driver who’d been too stupid to even attempt delivery.

    Never have I been so angry with a courier. I honestly wish they’d get put out of business.

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