GMail deliberately serving up spam in pupil inboxes

I’ve been doing a bit more testing of using Google Apps for pupil email this week, and all I can say is that if the adverts in GMail really are tailored to the messages in your inbox, this has to be a bad omen:

If you’re wondering, it really was a recipe for spam tortillas.

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6 responses to “GMail deliberately serving up spam in pupil inboxes”

  1. Jack says :

    It’s hardly spam, its a recipe involving spam and Gmail does it for everyone, its not an advert too, just abit of fun.

    Notice how at the side it says Spam Recipe and if you click the arrows they’re all recipes? ;)

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Yes, I got that – but if they are showing me recipes for the food spam, they are serving up spam.

      See what I did there?

      I’ll get my coat.

  2. p858snake says :

    You can disable that bar in normal gmail, can you do it globally in the edu/app version?

    • AngryTechnician says :

      Yes, but it’s a per-user setting – I can’t disable it for them. On the plus side, I can set it to only show web clips rather than blatant adverts, but any further configuration is up to the user.

  3. ScottishTech says :

    Continuing the serious replies – your font for reading the emails is seriously messed up. It almost looks like it’s been deliberately distorted, or something!!!


  4. Jim Siegl says :

    I am sure you have found this by now, but you can disable these (webclips) with the GAM.exe tool (

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