Last term I designed a system to check the room bookings schedule and issue WoL commands to the IT labs so that they automatically turn on in time for classes when they arrive.

This week, I discovered that this system, a system designed for the express purpose of making teachers’ lives easier, has been faulty for the last 3 weeks.

I only was informed there was a problem on the first day of inspection, after a teacher mentioned how inconvenient it would be having to waste time at the start of a lesson that was being inspected.

It’s times like this that I wonder why I bother.

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The Angry Technician is an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector. Normally found in various states of annoyance on his blog. All views are those of his imaginary pet dog, Howard.

One response to “Convenience”

  1. Ric_ says :

    Did you really expect anything more? Implementing crazy ideas like this to make people’s lives easier…. it always fails!

    Similarly, you should surely be used to people not bothering to report problems to you but you getting it in the neck for said problem occurring.

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