Time Warp

I’ve known for some time that my predecessor was something of a pack rat, and for the last 2 years I’ve been slowly finding secret hoards of equipment in drawers, cupboards, nooks, and crannies, all around the building.

And when I say “hoards of equipment”, what I mostly mean is “hoards of junk”.

Today, I found a hitherto unknown stash of old backup tapes, including these:

The last time these tapes were used was in 1991. I’m quite certain we do not have the equipment needed to read them.

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5 responses to “Time Warp”

  1. Andy says :

    If it didn’t breach the DPA I’d suggest you send them to me – I still have a functioning RM server with a tape drive capable of reading them.

    Granted it’s in a disused toilet holding up a pot plant but it’s a nice and fitting retirement.

  2. p858snake says :

    Never know, there might be the equipment to read that stashed in another corner somewhere….

  3. ScottishTech says :

    I’m impressed/amused he took the time to use one of the alphabet stencil things to do the labels.

  4. giles wendes says :

    Keep up the search!

  5. Dave says :

    My predecessor was much the same, I still find things in boxes/ store rooms with ‘faulty’ stickers on.

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