Terry is a lackadaisical idiot

Apologies straight away to any readers named Terry – unless you’re the Terry who filled in the Quality Assurance sticker on my server rack. Assuming he actually did the quality assurance, and didn’t just write on the sticker, that Terry needs to be shot.

My principal complaint with the aforementioned QA job is that about half of the locking pins that hold the doors and side panels on do not actually lock into place more than about 5mm, instead of the 15mm that the rest do, and they frequently only do that begrudgingly. This caused great consternation earlier today when I was trying to refit the side panel that is nearest the wall, not helped by the fact that it’s sodding heavy and there’s only about 20cm between the rack and the wall. I lost count of the number of times the thing dropped out because the locking pin not only hadn’t engaged, but had in fact come out of the mounting in the side panel entirely.

So, Terry, wherever you are, thanks for being a useless git. I hope you die in some kind of freak Cat5E cabling accident.

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One response to “Terry is a lackadaisical idiot”

  1. Terry says :

    Phew, thought I’d done something wrong there.

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