The Duplicity of Port 8

Shortly after the Mystery of Port 11, came the tale of Port 8. I first came across Port 8 in our Theatre. Then I came across it again in one of the music practice rooms. The two being in the same building, this was clearly Wrong. With a capital W.

Only one of them was live. This building has very few network ports, and to save money, the cheapskate contractors only sprung for a 16-port patch panel, which is full and has every port patched. So where is the additional port?

Did you spot where it is? Here’s a closer view:

That’s right, when someone decided they needed a 17th port in the 16-port cabinet, the useless gits who did the installation just decided to chop the first unused port they could find and wire the new cable (that purple one) in its place. Didn’t even bother to remove the label on the old port.


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4 responses to “The Duplicity of Port 8”

  1. Dave says :

    I feel your pain. Predecessors can be just as bad though. Which is why one weekend, some years ago, I moved the patch cabinets in one of our offices from the kitchen (!!!) to a dedicated room –

  2. ScottishTech says :

    If I’m understanding you correctly, wouldn’t it just have been easier for them to put a female connection port at the end of the purple cable?

    Hell, even a male one and then spring for a female/female adapter.

    Presumably this is what’ll need to happen if the original port 8 is ever needed?

    Or – y’know – spring for a new patch panel.

  3. Bruce Harrison says :

    I think you tend to find this in any organisation. I once had to deal with 3 48 port panels all with the same panel number and all in the same building. Not fun when you’re busy repatching 200 specific ports for a phone deployment. :-(

  4. ScottishTech says :

    I’d be looking for whoever did the cabling to have a large sharp spike shoved into their port for that shambles!

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