Find a bug in Windows, wait 6 months for a fix

I’ve been following the progress of a bug in Windows 7 SP1 that was reported back in February, and today Microsoft finally gave an estimated release date for a fix:

A public release of this fix would be made available around August 31, 2011. Please do not treat this as precise official release date, but an announcement & release might move by a week on either side. Microsoft has already initiated public release process and started working on this fix.


So, bug reported end of February. Fix expected end of August.

Time to fix: 6 months.

The bug in question is this one, and in a nutshell, means that you cannot install any large (~ 400MB+) update through WSUS. This breaks any system that relies on WSUS to deploy updates and software, including System Center Essentials deployments of programs such as, say, Microsoft’s own flagship productivity suite, Office 2010. As a result, I have still not deployed Windows 7 SP1, because it would destroy my ability to roll out any new software I might need if it happens to be a large install.

I switched away from SCE to Local Update Publisher a few months ago, for a variety of reasons that I listed at the time. What I didn’t mention is that this bug was one of them. I didn’t mention it at the time because LUP is equally affected by the bug, as it too relies on WSUS, but there is an important difference between the two in that at least I am now using a broken deployment system for free, instead of paying for it. If there was ever a compelling case for why paying for support is a waste of time, this is it.

Quite simply, it should not take Microsoft (or anyone else) 6 months to fix an enterprise feature in their flagship operating system. My school paid good money for System Center, and purchased Software Assurance, and it did us no good whatsoever in getting the problem resolved – we’ve simply had to wait, just like everyone else affected. I feel like we wasted money on System Center, and I know I’m not the only one.

Are you listening, Microsoft?

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  1. robertkruk says :

    was wondering why i kept hitting a brick wall on deploying office…

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