Pulling a fast one

Couriers never cease to be a pain in the backside. This week I had a next-day delivery fail to show up, and when I asked the supplier to make enquiries the following day, they were told that the courier had attempted to deliver at 18.10, but found that the school office was shut, and left a card.

Which might be a reasonable excuse, except that:

  1. There was no card.
  2. Most business, let alone schools, are closed by 18.10.
  3. There is a sign on the door saying what to do when the office is shut for deliveries.
  4. The sign says to push the doorbell, which during the holidays we have rigged up to ring the school bell system. I was actually in my office at 18.10, and the bells didn’t ring.
  5. The CCTV recordings show that at 18.06, the distinctively-marked courier van can clearly be seen driving past the entrance to the site at 30mph without even slowing down.

In short, courier drivers are lying turds.

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10 responses to “Pulling a fast one”

  1. misetak says :

    Sending a copy of the cctv to the courier company and their customer?

    • AngryTechnician says :

      The supplier has been informed of what really happened, but not too much point in sending the CCTV since it’s trivial to spoof the timestamp on CCTV footage. As such, it couldn’t be used as legal proof that the courier never came on site – it just proves a courier van drove past at some point.

  2. Chris says :

    I agree about the lying. I had one that didn’t deliver a next-day delivery for three days. The online record indicated he attempted to deliver it each day but the building was closed. Problem was, this being a school and school being in session with a full load of staff and students, the building was not closed! At least you had a video record of the drive-by.

  3. Tom Newton says :

    We had a card in the door on saturday @ SmoothHQ.
    So no-one was in, fine.. but the card had not got the consignment number filled in, and the name was given as “Smoothwall” – how am I supposed to get at this? Ringing the number asks for the last 5 digits of your consignment ID. Leave it asking… 5 minutes later I realise it won’t stop til it gets a number. Try “11111” – surely it will tell me that’s invalid and dump me on an operator… nope, that’s valid, apparently. Could go redirect someone else’s parcel? Turns out mashing “#” gets me another number to call, where I eventually speak to some rocket surgeon who tells me the consignment is out for delivery today… sigh. TOO HARD.

  4. ScottishTech says :

    My most recent bad courier experience was at Xmas thanks to the inclement weather.

    The courier company’s automated system mailed me to say that my package had arrived at the depot and would be delivered the next day. Next day – no parcel. Or the next day. And yet the status insisted that it was at the depot.

    After roughly 30 minutes of trying assorted phone numbers, I found one which got me through to a (sub) human who kindly informed me that because of the severe weather conditions, it wasn’t safe for the couriers to deliver parcels.

    I was less than tactful when I pointed out that (a) the depot is roughly 10 minutes from my house and (b) the roads had been gritted and cleared for roughly 2 days BEFORE I received the automated email and (c) they’d just delivered a parcel to my neighbour’s house – which he’d purchased several days after my one.

    Curiously, my parcel arrived that very evening. I couldn’t determine how much it had been stamped on, though.

  5. Roblol says :

    You have to love that. I used to do IHD for a few different DSL companies and you’d receive calls daily with reports of the on site techs doing the same thing when sent dispatches. I’d have to put on my “I’m sorry hat” every hour or so and kiss ass to make up for some contract tard with a white pick up.

    “no inside access left door note”

    You have to be careful taking every customer’s word on it, but it wasn’t my job to question them :(

  6. Veq says :

    Angry Technician, your experience directly mirrors my experiences with Home Delivery Network. They are the worst couriers I have ever encountered! They leave £200 of computer componants in a recycle bin that was due for collection. They leave knitwear in puddles under the front of my car! ARGHHHH If you are lucky enough to get a card through the door you have to give then 24 hours notice! ARGHHHHH

  7. Amadeus Phoenix says :

    “Oh, we can’t get in, let’s just leave three pallets of hardware sitting in the playground”
    Three pallets stacked taller than I am with desktops, laptops and monitor stands. Fortunately it was round the back, and not anywhere people could really have got to it, but it /did/ block a large chunk of car parking space.

  8. Anon says :

    Next time, demand a refund on the shipping from your supplier. You paid for next-day delivery but didn’t get it. If they argue over it, remind them that your contract was with them, not the courier, and if they feel hard done by, they should ask the courier why their delivery wasn’t adhered to.

  9. ScottishTech says :

    You can add FedUp (cunningly disguised name there) to the list of cretinous gibbons.

    Today, I received an email from [supplierX] saying that I hadn’t replied to the “Sorry we missed you” note that FedEx had left when they attempted to deliver the items I had ordered. The goods had been returned to them and I would then need to raise an additional purchase order to pay for a rescheduled delivery.

    This was a nice coincidence since I was just about to email them asking where the goods were after a week and a bit.

    I replied to the email saying that I found this surprising but if FedUp could provide a note of when they left the note, I would check the CCTV footage to establish which member of staff they’d spoken to.

    Shortly after, I received a phone call from [supplierx] saying that it transpired that FedUp hadn’t actually bothered even trying to deliver it. There was a problem with the address specified and so they just sent it back.

    I confirmed the address on the parcel was absolutely spot on.

    Another phone call later, it transipres the the problem was – as you can probably guess – they just assumed that since the English schools are still on holiday that we Scottish schools are too. That’s 1 wrong assumption. The other being that the schools here are still opened with manned offices all through the Summer – something they’d have discovered if they’d bothered hauling their useless posteriors over here.


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