Them and Us

This week, due to a frankly hilarious error in communication, our Headmaster ran our weekly staff meeting in a different venue from normal with half the staff, while our Deputy Head ran our weekly staff meeting in the normal venue with the other half of the staff.

Each half openly wondered where the other half was.

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5 responses to “Them and Us”

  1. Mr V (@ICTtower) says :

    LMAO!! And I thought our school’s communication was poor!

  2. Pyroman says :

    Haha, Brilliant!!

  3. Pete James says :

    That sounds normal for our school, sometimes it them and us. What ever happened to ‘were here for the kids’ now its me me me.
    I hate that all departments stick together and no longer share anything.
    Dont even get me started on communications…

  4. Andy P says :


    We had a fiber run booked to coincide with a INSET day this week, except the INSET day was canceled. Teaching staff and students all informed… but not support staff and no calendars were updated. I was left with a very annoyed team of engineers and a fiber run that still needs doing…

    • AngryTechnician says :

      We’ve never had anything approaching that bad. If anything, support staff generally know about changes before the teachers because we check our email more often. Unfortunately, in this case, there was no email, and a random selection of half the staff (both teachers and support) didn’t get the message…

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