Last term we had a lot of problems with missed deadlines for school reports, which resulted in almost every single form’s reports having to be rerun from our electronic reporting system. This caused a lot of hassle all round, even for me, since at the time the software was up the creek and would take about  half an hour per form even when run on the fastest computer in the school.

Guess whose computer is the fastest in the school?

Today, I suggested that for this term’s reports we implement a hard cut-off date for report writing, with the condition that “cut-off date” means “if you miss the date, we will cut your head off”.

I’m not sure the suggestion was well received.

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6 responses to “Cut-off”

  1. Daniel Stucke (@mrstucke) says :

    Any idea if they’ve fixed the crazy slow reporting issues with said piece of software?

  2. John S says :

    We have hard cut off dates, when I started at our place they didn’t have any thus they just dragged on and on and on so when I was covering for the data manager I turned on the feature in Serco to turn off assessments at a set time and date and thus they magically vanished so staff quickly learnt that when told that reports need to be in by 4pm on *insert date* they don’t mess around anymore :D

  3. ScottishTech says :

    My suggestion for a public gallery naming and shaming individuals who do this kind of thing was not met with wild approval by my manager. Nor was my suggestion of a “Gimp helpdesk call of the month” page detailing the individual and the evidence of their hate crime.. Makes me wonder why I bother suggesting anything.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      At my last school we were told that a very similar list was “not in keeping with the principles of Investors in People”, which the school was accredited as. Though scamming your way through the accreditation process wasn’t seen as a problem, for some reason.

  4. ScottishTech says :

    Ah – Investors in People.. Our authority wangled their way through that a few years back… I must say I’ve noticed a huge difference in my workplace – another badge on our letterhead. And it’s good to know we now share something with McDonalds other than providing a portion of their customer and future staff base.

    I was lucky enough to evade being one of the people “randomly selected” to answer “openly and honestly” about the workplace. So long as the open and honest answers were recited VERBATIM from the 10-page script prepared by the upper echelons, of course… I suspect my assorted grumblings about certain practices between departments may have forever tarnished my chances at being asked again – woe is me.

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