Fixing a broken Outlook 2010 jump list on Windows 7

As I’ve blogged about previously, fixing a broken jump list on Windows 7 is normally just a case of deleting the appropriate cache file and letting the affected program rebuild it. Unfortunately, that second step doesn’t always happen.

For a while now, the Outlook 2010 jump list on one of my workstations has looked like this:

I find your lack of icons... disturbing.

The menu items still worked, and I never use them that much anyway, so it didn’t bother me nearly as much as when the Explorer jump list was trashed. Eventually though, those blank icons gnawed away at the back of my mind. Five tiny, empty voids that taunted me every time I saw them.


The solution was similar, this time the offending file being be71009ff8bb02a2.customDestinations-ms in %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\CustomDestinations  rather than a file in the adjacent \AutomaticDestinations, but deleting the jump list file only resulted in a blank list that was not automatically re-populated.

In the end, I got the default icons back by copying a working jump list file from another workstation. If you don’t have a second workstation to hand, I’m pretty sure creating a new user account on the same workstation and copying the file will also work (in fact its probably more likely to work, since there’s no chance of Office being installed in a different location).

That's better.

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