Following the network outage yesterday, I spent most of today restarting computers for people who didn’t bother reading the message about restarting their computers if they were having problems after the network outage.

The message took up 1/4 of the screen, was on a bright yellow background, and they had to click past it on their way to opening a ticket.

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6 responses to “Restart”

  1. The Raging Techie says :

    They never learn!

  2. Bullett says :

    People aren’t interested in reading error messages and the like, just in getting what they want to do done as quickly as possible. This is why most error messages don’t get read.

    Next time, put a check-box in that enables the ‘OK’ button – like an EULA agreement. They’ll have to read at least part of it then! :P

  3. ScottishTech says :

    Time for a cull?

  4. John Wright says :

    What’s even worse is if you tell them several days in advance that a “restart” event is going to occur and that you will have message appear telling them to restart their computers on the day that it is supposed to happen. I suppose that they have too much time to forget about the warning or it just goes to prove that the IT guy is never paid any attention to until something gets broken or doesn’t work like expected. I tell my ‘l’users that I’m used to being forgotten about, no office party invites, no calls to see “how ya doing?”, nope, nothing. And of course they get defensive and say that that isn’t true but we know the truth don’t we my fellow IT people.

  5. Jason Yeoman (@Tuxnician) says :

    We have a Barracuda internet filter box that needed to be restarted during the day. An email had gone out to all users when it was going down and for how long. The next email was to explain that the Internet was up but you must restart your computer so that it the filter recognizes who you are and what sites you are allowed to access. Our Help Desk phone kept ringing because people didn’t have internet but didn’t restart their computers to fix it.

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