Oh, the irony: Google Maps gives wrong address for Google offices

If you search on Google Maps for the address of Google’s offices in London Victoria, you’ll be taken to the correct address. However, if you then click on the location marked ‘Google London’, the address it gives you is for a different office building in Soho about 2 miles away:

(The address given is the location of their separate sales offices that opened last year, but that hardly excuses the place marker being 2 miles out of place).

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2 responses to “Oh, the irony: Google Maps gives wrong address for Google offices”

  1. ScottishTech says :

    Oh, hello, Dear… No, I’m in Soho at the moment.. Just looking for Google.

  2. A. N. Othertech says :

    Our post code has just recently started appearing miles away from it’s actual location when searched on Maps. What’s worse.. there’s not much we can do about it save “report” the problem to Google :/

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