Dear SMART Technologies

If you are going to put required fields on your online registration forms, it really does help if you actually mark it as required, so I don’t have to see stupid red error messages when I click submit.

And you know what? Actually labelling the field at all would be a good start.

DUMB Technologies

While you’re at it, if I’m on the UK website, and you’re going to offer a drop down labelled ‘County’, try making the list have actual counties in it, not just US & Canadian states:

I suppose at least it isn't required...

Love and kisses,

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7 responses to “Dear SMART Technologies”

  1. Mr M says :

    It’s really not difficult to get form logic correct.
    I don’t know why so many people fail.

  2. Rikev says :

    LOL!!! Brilliant :D

    DoTA2 beta sign-up was also bad. They assumed the person filling in had game experience which wasn’t stated. So the form went a bit like this:

    – Please list the number of different champions you have played. [0-20]
    – Please list the top 5 champions you use. [5 boxes where entering a champion name is compulsory!]

  3. ScottishTech says :

    Curiously enough, I had the same experience this very morning when I had to download their SMART Table Manager. I’m surprised that it doesn’t appear to be included in their gargantuan Admin download of Smart Notebook 10.8 which seems to include pretty much every other SMART product – I’m sure I saw SMART KitchenSink in there.

    However, perhaps that’s a good thing. I’ve already been bitten by 10.8 when one of our schools with Notebook 10.8 on all PCs decided they also needed SMART Response AFTER asking just for Notebook.

    I assumed that as with v9, I could just install Response on top of the existing 10 install but no. As it’s part of the one installer bundle, I apparently first have to uninstall 10.8 and re-run the same MSI with my modified MST that also opts to install Response. Splendid.

    Oh, and the 10.8 installer doesn’t add a licence activation key when you install it on Win7 so you need to update your deployment script or MST to add that.

    Fingers crossed for V11, which is apparently out July-ish.

  4. Mr. DOS says :

    If you lived in Canada, you’d be pleased to note that even if they’re in the wrong dropdown box, the site acknowledges the existence of Canadian provinces. You’ve no idea how frustrating it is to sign up for a site, find “Canada” on a list of countries as long as your arm, type the name of your province of residence into the “Other” field (as in “select a state from the dropdown box or enter other”), only to find that selection of a state is mandatory.

  5. AngryScience says :

    Must have been fate that I found your blog!! I’m a school science technician so parts of what I have read on many of your posts I can relate to. Sometimes people just dont get it do they? :P

    You may have actually inspired me to start blogging about my experiences too! Hey its one way of dealing with all that pent up frustration teachers can cause us isn’t it?!

    Any tips for starting out would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Paul says :

    Ohhhh good old “Smart” technologies. I love when you upgrade their Smart Notebook software and then use it on files authored in the old versions. It frequently breaks the file and the teacher looses all their work. No bakwards compatability. Great…. The response from smart when I called them “send us the file and we will fix it so its compatible..”

  7. Phil says :

    I found out that when you’re trying to download from them and they want all of your information you can just go to the address bar and append &requestFormComplete=true onto the end of their url. No more forms!!

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