No regrets

This morning I was wondering whether to take pity on a student who currently has a computer ban for printing out filth in one of the IT labs last week (he claims somebody else used his account, naturally).

Then I discovered that one of our hall projector computers needs a rebuild after someone unplugged the power while it was halfway through updates on Friday afternoon, and that 2 of our senior lab machines wouldn’t log in because some helpful little turd had pulled the network cables out.

Now I’m wondering whether some way of setting offenders on fire when they log in would be considered unreasonable.

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5 responses to “No regrets”

  1. joe90bass says :

    perfectly reasonable. I’m considering the same response for the kids who insist on using our laptops for playing bloody flash games on. The same kids who then complain because said laptops have keys missing after having the living daylights bashed out of them……

  2. Joseph says :

    How do you handle computer bans?

    Do you ban a student from logging in or just a ban from the internet?

    We have a script built into a custom AD MMC that our media specialists use. The script prompts for the student username, offense, and number of days to be blocked. It then adds them to a security group and automatically removes them after the number of days specified has passed.

    • The Angry Technician says :

      We have very few bans of any kind, so they are trivial to manage.

      Misdemeanours that occur chiefly online receive an Internet ban, which is achieved by adding them to a particular AD group which is picked up by our Smoothwall filter. For more serious offences, the student may receive a full computer ban, in which case their AD account is disabled.

      Both are done manually using ADUC by request of senior management, and undone in the same way.

  3. Daniel Beardsmore says :

    Simon Travaglia would be proud.

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