Screw it

Along with the near-certainty of personal injury and loss of fixings that comes with server racking, there is one absolutely immutable law of rack installation:

Any package of more than 8 cage nuts will include at least one that has no threading.

(and you won’t notice until you’re trying to put the final screw into the switch you’ve just racked up).

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6 responses to “Screw it”

    • The Angry Technician says :

      I’m intrigued. How does this thing work? I’ve never seen one before.

    • insane101 says :

      Best invention ever! It is a life (and time) saver. Highly recommend getting one.

    • fobbedoff says :

      Looks like something else that you will drop into the “mysterious void” of the rack on the last but one nut, never to be seen again. Followed by a few colourful “B” and “F” words formed around the nuts and bolts remaining clamped in your lips. Or is the last bit just me?

  1. Tom says :

    That’s why you buy 2. Or 4 :)
    And yes, they just grip the nut in the right place (oo-err) and hold the lugs down so you can easily insert the nut into the rack. Genius invention. Still throw the stiffer nuts into the “only use in emergencies” box tho

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