TTS Tuff-Cam – “USB Device Not Recognized”

This is the TTS Tuff-Cam 2. It takes rubbish photos and is seriously overpriced, but many Nursery and Reception teachers have an aversion to giving 3-4 year olds a cheap Canon camera that they are normally perfectly capable of using, so insist on these “child-friendly” monstrosities instead.

TTS Tuff-Cam 2

Don’t buy one of these.

Against my better judgement, we bought one for our Nursery 6 months ago (and it will be the last one we ever buy). Occasionally, it goes on the blink and displays some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Camera won’t turn on at all.
  • Power LED appears to be stuck half-on.
  • Windows displays “USB Device Not Recognized” when camera is plugged in.
  • Other USB devices, such as the mouse, stop working completely a few seconds after the camera is plugged in, and start working again as soon as you unplug the camera (my personal favourite).

All of these have one simple cause: the camera is utter junk. Luckily, there is also a simple fix. Just stick a paperclip into this unmarked hole on the side for 5 seconds:

TTS Tuff-Cam reset

The camera will reset and probably start working again. At least, until the next full moon, or a butterfly flaps its wings near it, or something.

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10 responses to “TTS Tuff-Cam – “USB Device Not Recognized””

  1. Rikev says :

    Looks like a screwed up speed gun. Or “child friendly” power tool.

  2. Mr M says :

    If a child is old enough to make a video then it should be old enough to use the same devices that adults use. Within reason.

    I think people hope that by thrusting some kind of electronic device into the hands of a child that can barely talk, this will make it into a future movie maker.

    Sadly, life doesn’t work like that…

  3. Chris says :

    Aw the paper clip…Used to be in the good old days it was the only tool you needed to work on a Macintosh computer. I still keep one around just for the handful of dinosaurs we have left.

  4. Daniel Beardsmore says :

    I don’t think Clippit particularly enjoys being straightened out and poked inside tiny holes …

    All the more reason to do it =]

  5. Lewys says :

    The last time I went near our nursery, half the monsters were playing Angry Birds on an iPad that one of them had “borrowed” from mummy.

  6. sparkeh says :

    I think TTS have resorted to an ironic naming scheme for their products:

    *The Tuff Cam is neither tough nor does it function as a camera.
    *The Easi View is neither easy nor does it view anything.
    *The Log Box… actually logs stuff but after trying to install/use the software makes you box it up and send it back.

  7. Ben Peddell says :

    I also love how you need undo that flat screw and remove the back cover to insert a SD card, and that exposes the camera’s lower PCB and its “non-replaceable” battery.

    And how they’ve put a USB Female Type A (i.e. USB Host) socket on the bottom of the camera.

  8. Tom says :

    That’s a shame, because producing a reliable digital camera with almost no functionality north of “shutter button” that works as mass storage must be awful hard.

    AT, I believe it is your moral imperative to pop the covers (as sparkeh says, given that it’s tuff, this won’t be a challenge), and find out who is responsible for the muck chipset within :)

  9. ScottishTech says :

    Did they, by any chance, purchase this device after visiting an “Education roadshow” such as BETT?

    Having visited the Scottish version (SETT) a few times in the past, it looks and sounds exactly like the kind of crud that gets touted at these kinds of things to part unsuspecting teachers from their budgets.

    • Steven says :

      Lol @ those cameras… They really are such a bad item of equipment to have the misfortune to support.

      Our head of IT “bought” 4 using Tesco vouchers…. For secondary school age students! Needless to say they have never been out of their boxes!

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