See this? This is yet another in the long list of reasons why I don’t let contractors do any network cabling for me:

For some reason, the moron fitting this cable has stripped the outer sheath a good 15cm away from the termination. That’s 7 layers of white electrical tape underneath the cable tie, by the way. Oh well, at least it’s inside some tubing to keep it safe… NO, WAIT, the tubing hasn’t been cut properly and has a sharp jagged edge. Genius.

Also, bonus points for only installing a single socket module in a double faceplate. Only morons fit single sockets.

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3 responses to “Stripped”

  1. Jeremy Shaver (@jeremysayz) says :

    Ah! But if they only install a single socket, and you were one of those people who couldn’t do it yourself, then they’d get the callback to install a new one. Either that or contractors are always working at the equivalent of 5-minutes-until-(some event that they need to leave for: lunch, tea, beer)

  2. peachythemartian says :

    Looks like they have installed a nice draw wire for you…
    At least once you have cleaned up that sharp conduit.

  3. John says :

    On a nice note they have used an Excel faceplate, shame the Excel warranty won’t be valid with that shoddy install

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