Count the Screws

This week I’m doing network cabling in our new building, which is due to open in September. While my deep-seated mistrust of contractors meant that I wouldn’t let the project manager use our electrical contractors for the job, we did ask them to to the conduits and containment for the cabling, since some of it is shared with the electrics via compartmented trunking.

Here’s a quick test for you: how many screws have the contractors used to secure this backbox to the wall?

If you answered ZERO, you are correct! There are no screws holding this backbox on (the brass screw at the top-right is only to secure an earthing wire). The only reason it isn’t on the floor is the loosely coupled metal tubing that feeds into it. Metal tubing that had no draw wire, I might add.

I expect this to be only the first of many demonstrations of why we didn’t let them do the whole job.

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6 responses to “Count the Screws”

  1. Dave says :

    If only you were able to name and shame then so we could all avoid said contractor :)

  2. Stephen says :

    So true, they know how to physically run the cables, but it ends there. I’ve seen sheathing stripped back all the way to the entry point and had to re-terminate an entire new build after they did it first time round using a spoon by the looks of it. I sympathize, we have the exact same issues.

  3. ScottishTech says :

    You’re doing them a dis-service, Sir.. You can clearly see they left 2 bright purple drawstrings for you to use!

  4. John says :

    Our building works has been fine for data cabling and the electrics haven’t been too bad as I forced them to use a contactractor I know is good, but I will say that no draw cord is the bane of my life, I’ve broken 2 fish tapes now fishing through conduits for the wires I’ve added in for the extras we didn’t let them do such as Projectors, Amps, Speakers etc….

  5. tony says :

    That’s why you always good with network cabling company. Especially if you can get it taken care of during the build process. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen cable boxes upside down, left open, etc…