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Welcome back! Oh, you didn’t get a break for the summer holidays? Well, neither did I.

What I did instead was spend most of the first half of the summer trying to catch up on delayed install work because the construction company was late handing over our new building, and the second half of the summer wondering why nobody has decent stock control any more.


The link boasts of “standard 3 working day delivery”. In stock! Order now! So I did. Admittedly not the same day as that tweet, but not long after. And my EcoCart 20 still hasn’t sodding well arrived, because the delivery date has been changed three times due to what Bretford finally admitted today to be “issues with the manufacturing”. Apparently they have the 16 and 30 models in stock, but that’s not really much use to me right now.

Then there’s Dabs. I ordered an Acer machine from them to drive some digital signage, which is not something I’d normally do as I’m not fond of Acer kit, but it was cheap, the perfect size, and even comes with a mounting bracket. Unfortunately, when I ordered it, it had a 1-week lead time.

I was not even remotely shocked when the in-stock date came and went, only to be replaced with “Awaiting stock from supplier, delivery delayed”.

Ordering anything on Dabs that is not immediately in stock is practically the kiss of death, in my experience. Every single item I’ve ever ordered from Dabs that has not been in stock has ended up with the order being cancelled because the item gets discontinued. Stay tuned for what will be an unsurprising climax to this tale in about a week’s time.

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10 responses to “Stock Control”

  1. Daniel Beardsmore says :

    My beef isn’t with delivery times (though Dabs not having a particular Samsung 17″ monitor in stock after I ordered it stopped me from making the mistake of buying it, allowing me to rethink and seek out a decent 1600×1200 S-IPS panel instead.)

    My issue with online stores is that they get their specs from absurdly unreliable sources (leading to outright nonsense for some products – I paid £40 for my IPS panel after getting confused by rubbish specs from stores and confusing specs on the LG website itself, where many sites suggested that there was a nonexistent 6-bit (16.2 M colours) variant), and by and large, product filtering is useless. There’s no way to search for displays with PVA or IPS panels for example – that data isn’t even carried, let alone made available as a filter (and Dell’s TN screens – once the best in the world – have gone from impressive to despicable garbage in a short space of time). Dabs can’t even post specs for competing products in the same format for comparison.

    Mice – try filtering for ones with five buttons, and the Back/Forward buttons on either side (which is less common), as the IntelliMouse Optical is buggy rubbish like all Microsoft mice.

    Online stores may bring excellent prices, but it brings with it a different cost.

  2. Mark Scholes says :

    I use skinflint mostly

    But when LG etc own sites don’t have the full specs, there’s little hope

  3. Daniel Stucke (@danielstucke) says :

    Out of interest, what digital signage software do you use? Updating ours has been on my to-do list for an age.

  4. ScottishTech says :

    Ooh! Very fancy :)

    We have everything on Powerpoint then have to convert it to MPEG and upload it to a server running IIS so that the Exterity receivers strapped to the back of the screens will play it via an AutoIt script I wrote which telnets to the receivers and points them to the required video files (the script supports creating playlists of the MPEGs).

    A huge waste of time, but my dept’s near comedic workload is such that even suggesting looking at something else would earn me a thorough slapping from my PTB. Something about us struggling to support the stuff we’re meant to be supporting without volunteering new stuff!!

    So hopes of looking at Xibo are firmly on the backburner to say the least!

  5. John says :

    Has your trolley arrived yet?

    • The Angry Technician says :

      It arrived a week ago after another delay. 3 days later one of the lock barrels fell out and the door doesn’t close properly. I’ve fixed both things but it shows that it was built in a hurry.

  6. ScottishTech says :

    I’ve been hit with the same issue last/this week.

    I ordered 10 components from our company via the Scottish Educational portal thing.

    2 of the items hadn’t arrived after 10 days. Upon enquiring where the hell they were, we were told that they were awaiting delivery from the supplier. Even though said components still say they’re in stock on their site.

    No wonder several colleagues in our team are positive that I’m you, AT!

  7. JustNotQuiteInTime says :

    Dell are at it too. Had to wait a week for a mobo replacement to reach an engineer so he could fit it on our next working day warranty, and am now waiting on a delayed order of new Dells because China has run out of processors!

    Everyone has cut their staffing levels to the bare bones – even the factories in China!