Children are filthy and disgusting, and that’s why I’m going to buy these keyboards

Even when they aren’t wetting themselves, vomiting due to Norovirus, or expelling more snot than Slimer from Ghostbusters, children are still disgusting, filthy, disease vectors. And their hands are all over the lab keyboards. We do some cleaning, but there’s a very fine line between effective disinfecting and destroying the keyboard.

That’s why I’m extremely tempted to kit our labs out with these:

Hopefully we can get the price down a bit lower than the £34.99 RRP.

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6 responses to “Children are filthy and disgusting, and that’s why I’m going to buy these keyboards”

  1. MrMozey says :

    Recruit the school bullies to choose their victims based on how clean their keyboard is. Then when they get their head flushed down the toilet, they can dip the keyboard in at the same time for a quick wash. That’s allowed right?

  2. mattsgreen says :

    Your school must have a nice big dishwasher? Put your normal keyboards in there. (not too hot!)

    Keyboards clean up a treat, and as long as you leave them to dry (Perhaps something for a long weekend or a half term) they will work absolutely fine.

    Tried and tested with many keyboards over the years.

  3. Dave says :

    Those keys look awfully easy to flick off with a pen lid. May cause more problems than they solve!!

  4. Kryton-Rocks says :

    Now if they could produce washable keyboards for laptops, even better! I’d issue one to each of the staff! Last year I removed several pints of coffee, five cats worth of animal hair, half a pack of Hob-nobs, several pounds of unidentifieable detritus and enough tobacco tar to waterproof a small dinghy!

  5. ScottishTech says :

    Have you finished with my Mother-in-law’s laptop yet, Kryton? (Burrum-Tsh!)

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