The Fixer

I was in our Reception classrooms earlier this week looking at an audio problem; turned out to be as simple as one of the children having sneakily switched the audio input from AUX to CD. I have yet to fathom why the morons at Promethean thought it would be a good idea to supply amplifiers for classrooms with 4 discrete inputs, but we’ve got almost a dozen of them. We had more until the capacitors started going pop.

As I was leaving, a little girl asked me “Are you a fixer?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I’m an underworld fixer.”

I’ve since been told that not all 5-year-olds understand my humour.

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6 responses to “The Fixer”

  1. Jennifer Walker says :

    Students and switches can be a VERY dangerous mix…some of our older PCs had a voltage select switch on the back, and some lovely student decided to change the setting. Our TAS coord came along, noticed the PC off and helpfully turned it back on. Everyone in the room got quite a surprise!

  2. Robert Smith says :

    forget the 5 yr old – i don’t understand your humour ;-)
    btw; Is it possible to perform the ‘local stream every channel of freeview’ trick with 6 USB tuners on a rasberry pi? if so a few tips for this idiot would be much appreciated.

    We are so close to crystal palace 20MW – I can receive freeview just by clenching a piece of bacofoil in my teeth.

  3. Adrian Cotton says :

    Promethean put 4 discrete inputs on their amps using the money they saved by not having a power indicator LED it gives new meaning to “is it switched on?”.

  4. Adrian Cotton says :

    The new SMART installs are not much better. To allow PC and AV inputs they use the NEC projector to switch inputs to the powered speakers there is also a volume control for the projector. This does mean that to get any sound the projector has to be switched on. “There is no sound on this youtube video” OK is the volume control in youtube high enough, is the PC volume high enough or is it muted, is the projector switched on and is the volume high enough or is the powered speaker switched on and is the volume high enough.

  5. ScottishTech says :

    I think it was so that you could hook your DVD player up as well. At least that’s what we used them for in this school. That way the teacher can bung a DVD on while getting on with work on the PC (or reading emails/pissing about on YouTube – delete as applicable).

    I also hooked the MIDI keyboards up in the Music depts so that the teachers can demonstrate how (x) is meant to sound.

    Don’t get me wrong – the amps are utter cack in terms of no LCD display and their love of popping caps.

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