The Perfect Wireless Solution for your School

Here’s a quick tip for sending me sales emails: if your email is to tell me how Netgear wireless is “The Perfect Wireless Solution for your School”, then you clearly have no idea about a) wireless, or b) schools.

Stop wasting my time.

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9 responses to “The Perfect Wireless Solution for your School”

  1. Andy says :

    Time they woke up and relised that the power is in Meraki and not netgear

    • Robert says :

      I just started testing some Meraki gear last month…..AMAZING! I can’t wait to chunk all my old Cisco gear. I just hope Meraki stays Meraki since they were acquired by Cisco.

      • Andy says :

        Best wireless kit going I recon! replaced 6 Cisco with only 3 for the same coverage!
        I’m sure they will stay who they are!

    • Alan says :

      Please don’t tell me that Meraki is really the best out there. I’ve been looking at Meru, Ruckus, Aeorhive, Xirrus, and a few more that I can’t remember. I’ve got one Meraki AP and while it’s never given me any problem, the coverage is horrible!

  2. ScottishTech says :

    Almost completely unrelated reply here :)

    Our authority is looking at bringing in Wireless, and it’ll likely be Cisco kit – once the papers have been signed and whatever else happens in the background.

    One of our High Schools has been selected for a pilot of Wireless and BYOD.

    Worryingly, one of the staff selected for the pilot there has been quoted as saying that he’ll be able to drag screens onto the pupil’s phones “like Minority Report”.. I fear someone may need to have a chat to slightly realign his expectations.

  3. Andrew Carpenter says :

    In 2011 we installed a Netgear Prosafe wireless solution across campus, with 5 controllers and a lot of APs. In 2012, we ripped it all out and installed Meraki. Best decision ever.

    PS Anyone want some Netgear Prosafe controllers? There might be some APs still around, too.

  4. Bennett Blodinger says :

    We’re now in the middle of ripping out all of our damn Cisco APs in our 5 campuses and switching to Ruckus units after about 8 months of testing them. I am extremely happy about this.

    Warning for all those Meraki lovers: Cisco purchased them a while back, and while their management is nice, I have a strong feeling their radios are going to start sucking in the future.

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