For 3 days, the attendance system was erroneously reporting to all form tutors that they needed to fill in a missing register for a day during half term.

Exactly 1 person reported this problem to me.

For 3 hours, the web filter was erroneously blocking Facebook access for staff.

I got 16 emails about it.

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6 responses to “Priorities”

  1. Chris says :

    Why do you allow Facebook access for staff?

    • The Angry Technician says :

      Allowing reasonable personal use of work resources, including the Internet, helps staff to maintain a good work-life balance. As disorganised and dopey as they can be at times, we do trust our staff to manage their time – and Internet use – like responsible adults. We set clear expectations for Internet use in our AUP, and we have yet to be disappointed.

      I’m aware this is not the case in all schools, but I’m a big critic of the “let’s solve everything with technology” method of people management. If someone is slacking off, or using Facebook inappropriately at work, it’s a manager’s job to discipline them. It’s not my job to stand in their way and treat them like a child. We have enough actual children to do that with.

      • dyason says :

        I love your ethos, and I’m very much a proponent of it myself. Unfortunately my manager isn’t quite so but I think that’s more because he likes to be nosy than anything else.

      • SamD says :

        I would love to be able to take the same stance at my school, but the local authority controls our internet access. Both staff and students are exposed to the same level of censorship, because apparently we can’t be trusted to not dick about on the internet all day.

        This also applies to IT staff, which is very annoying when I’m trying to troubleshoot, and half the knowledge bases are blocked.

        • MikeB says :

          Bribe the network engineer to NAT your workstation IP address straight out to the internet. Instant unfettered access to all those useful resources.

  2. JohnS says :

    We allow Facebook for staff as well. Actually, the staff policy is fairly unrestrictive in general. Students, not so much. As for my machine? Well, it magically bypasses the content filter completely…

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