This week I received an email asking me how to do something in Word. It was something fairly trivial, but we have recently upgraded to Office 2013 and the process is slightly different, so fair question.

Or at least it would be a fair question, had the instructions for said task not been on the front page of our staff Intranet since the middle of December. You know, the staff Intranet that is set as the homepage for all staff in their browser.

It’s times like this that I really wonder why I bother.

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3 responses to “Instructional”

  1. Robert says :

    I recently had a user ask me why I didn’t build a tutorial and place it on SharePoint for users to view. I answered with a question, wondering where I should put the tutorial on how to find the tutorials.

  2. Jennifer Walker says :

    Oh yes…me, too! People don’t want us sending emails, but won’t read Intranet information. Thanks for your blog – it is so encouraging that we are not the only ones with these issues. I can relate to just about all your posts (sorry, I’m writing this on an iPad) and they save our sanity by providing a good laugh!

  3. John says :

    Oh yes I know that one well I’m asked when will I update the phone list as the one that someone has is very out of date to be told its on the front page of the staff Intranet and has an “updated XXXXX” bit at the end of it saying when I last updated it…. :(

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