I swear, when we get students who have two names that were already nigh unpronounceable to an English speaker, and the parents have combined them into a double-barrelled surname, they are just doing it to wind us up.

(And to make sure we have to make the ‘name’ box on all our MIS reports longer.)

On a related note, parents who give their children a first name that rhymes with their surname are sadists.

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7 responses to “Double-barrelled”

  1. Chris says :

    I’ve had to shorten some AD usernames because their surname was so long it was over the 20 character limit!

  2. Dave says :

    At least they didn’t name him little bobby tables*


  3. Alan says :

    We have parents who name a kid something like George Michael Robert Jones, and insist that the kids first name is George Michael. We constantly have to tell the secretaries that the first name ends at the space, otherwise we have issues with our SIS.

  4. rantykiwi says :

    So… I spend an age sorting out an account for Miss Janet Stoatgobbler-Smythe, because that is the name she wrote on the user access form. I then go and seek her out and apologise for having to leave the hypen out in one of our nasty legacy systems, and she responds “Oh, just put me in as Janet Smythe, that’s all anyone calls me anyway”. Please… kill me now.

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