The Consumerised Future

For those of you wondering how school IT will work when the consumerisation of IT is complete, and us IT technicians are surplus to requirements, I got a glimpse of it today.

If you’re familiar with Edmodo, you will already be aware that even when the school has a domain setup for the site, pupils have to create their own accounts and join the school domain using a group code. This means that accounts generally get created in lessons with a class teacher, because the teachers manage their own groups and codes.

For proponents, this is the embodiment of consumerisation in action. The teacher does everything they need to (in the “Cloud”, no less) without any help from an administrator.

And for the most part, it works fine.

Then sometimes, you get an email from a teacher asking when a pupil’s Edmodo account is going to be created, because they’ve been having to email his assignments to him separately for the last four months.

Four months.


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One response to “The Consumerised Future”

  1. ScottishTech says :

    That’s of the similar vein to turning up at the bi-annual meeting of all schools HTs and ICT Coordinators to be angrily confronted that applicationX in roomY hasn’t been working for 5 months and that PC 1 and printer 2 in the same room have been broken for 2 months.

    When asked for helpdesk call numbers so we can investigate, we were told that the head of the dept – as was their right – was just going to grab a technician whenever their paths crossed and that this reliance on helpdesk call logging thing is a nonsense.

    Our comically diminished numbers mean we – more than ever – have to rely on doing the bulk of our work with RDP and/or remote deployment of images/apps. We only set foot in a room if a device is physically borked or if it requires some one-on-one “go on then, show me the issue” type queries.

    Contrary to popular belief, my staff and I are not mind readers. This isn’t The Matrix where our heads are physically connected to the network. It does seem, however, some folk out there have their heads physically connected to certain orifices on their bodies.

    Spleen vented. Ohmmmm… Ohmmmm..

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