0800: Arrive.

0805: Go to History department and return iPad that I found unsecured the previous evening during security audit. Fit new lockbox for iPad to inside of department store room.

0825: Move laptop trolley from secure storage to Library.

0836: Delete stuck print job from front office printer queue. Remind front office for the 18th time to please use the ticketing system, not just email.

1031: Accompany printer technician who arrives to repair hardware fault on managed printer. Stay with technician throughout repair since visitors cannot be around pupils unaccompanied without a safeguarding check.

1118: Repair completed, exactly 3 minutes after break finishes.

1119: Automatic alert that wireless AP in music department is offline.

1120: Phone call that computer in music department is not logging on correctly.

1122: Find music department comms cabinet without power because someone has plugged in an electric kettle after dropping it into a sinkful of water and tripped the RCDs for the entire floor.

1124: Maintenance attends to make safe and restore power, takes photo evidence of unsafe use of electrical equipment.

1135: Pupil hits 100% of storage quota. Delete copies of downloaded horror FPS and illegal MP3 downloads. Quota usage now 24%.

1140: Late break.

1210: Happen upon urgent parcels that arrived 2 hours ago without goods in telling me.

1220: Email from software supplier about .msi installer I enquired about. Tells me he will “get it done one day” as it’s “a bit tricky to write”. (Spoiler: it isn’t).

1230: Finish testing phantom power microphone for French oral exam recording.

1240: Phonecall from receptionist to ask if I would like to speak to the new account manager for one of our existing suppliers.  Ask them to put the call through. Am told there is no call; the rep has turned up unannounced in person at reception.

1245: Impromptu meeting with new account manager, who is forgiven on account of having brought chocolate.

1255: Lunch

1330: Run Windows Update on all non-Server Core servers. Schedule overnight restarts to complete installations.

1341: MIS consultant emails me about a UI bug I reported. Says that the new behaviour has in fact been the way the product has always worked. Clearly I have been imagining my own workflow for the last two years, and have subconsciously worked around the utterly counter-intuitive behaviour currently in the product.

1420: For the 5th time in 2 weeks, show someone which link on the school Intranet to click on to find the instructions guides I painstakingly write. (It’s in the same place I show to all staff at every INSET.)

1432: Teacher calls and asks why they have a message on their homepage that they have not completed their attendance register for yesterday afternoon. Explain that it is because they have not completed their attendance register for yesterday afternoon.

1450: Toner cartridge change in lower school IT lab. Find stack of confidential paperwork that a teacher printed to the wrong printer 3 days ago.

1515: Attend assembly hall after report that the projector remote needed new batteries. Remove existing batteries and reinsert them the right way around, and they work fine.

1537: Spot check on IT labs via AB Tutor. Find about 1/3 of the class mucking around on email and games instead of on their online languages exercises. Call IT lab to advise teacher.

1549: Email English department about the new software I know they bought recently that has mysteriously not turned up.

1555: Delivery from English department via pupil courier of aforementioned software.

1556: Email from English department asking whether the software will be ready for them to use tomorrow morning.

1610: Diagnose problem with InfoPath form that we use to track server maintenance. Turns out to be a stale cached version of the form being used on the client.

1630: Return laptop trolley to secure storage overnight.

1650: Tip-off from a pupil that another pupil is attempting to impersonate a member of staff online. Investigate and send evidence to SMT for tomorrow.

1704: Leave.

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7 responses to “Snapshot”

  1. Jennifer Walker says :

    It never ceases to amuse me that although separated by oceans, we could be working in the same school!

    We had a remote labelled ‘Not working’ and with tape wrapped around and around it by a helpful teacher. It was then left in a room for 2 weeks without any job being put onto the HelpDesk. The teacher responsible instead stood on a desk/chair and manually turned the projector on and off (in the process badly skewing the set up!) When I finally got this message it included the helpful information that he had changed the batteries, it still didn’t work so clearly the remote was useless and needed replacing. (Typical hopeless IT) “I wonder, I thought to myself…” and sure enough after removing tape and ‘not working’ notice that had been stopping others using the remote for 2 weeks, discovered the batteries were around the wrong way…

  2. Jon says :

    OH GOD WHEN WILL THEY LEARN TO READ THE DOCUMENTATION. ‘I switched the TV on and checked what source it was on, it said hdmi2 but that can’t be right can it, so I changed it to hdmi1’. No you were fine the first time, as per the nicely laminated instructions right next to the chuffing remote.

  3. Dave says :

    Once, years ago, I wanted to be the IT manager for a secondary school. Nowadays I know better.

  4. SamD says :

    7:50: Arrive at school.

    7:55: Get stopped in corridor by hapless teacher.

    8:02: Arrive at desk

    8:05: Get told off by SLT for being late to my desk, and told to go to the head’s office immediately to revive an ageing laptop.

    8:15: Arrive at desk, find equally as aged MIS server has crashed. Again.

    8:45: Supply sound cable to aforementioned hapless teacher.

    8:50: Search through mound of broken laptop power supplies for one that works.

    9:20: Futilely discuss with manager backbone and wireless upgrades that will never get done, because our funding will be snatched from under our feet at the last minute.

    This day hasn’t even started yet.

  5. Adam L says :

    How many times do you have to say, “Can you send a ticket. That way we won’t forget” before they learn!!! What ticketing system do use, out of interest?

  6. jb says :

    My days are like yours but without the breaks and lunches…

    you lucky bugger ;)

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