Dear Windows team

I know the Sound Recorder program  in Windows 7 isn’t something you probably spent much time on, but here’s a tip: flooding the Event log with 18 messages per second due to an invalid pointer exception you couldn’t be bothered to handle properly is not very helpful when I’m trying to troubleshoot.

Sound Recorder 0x80004003

Please learn to use exception handling properly, and while you’re at it, build in a counter check to make sure you aren’t writing 79,000 messages to the event log in a single session.

Love and kisses,

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One response to “Dear Windows team”

  1. Daniel Beardsmore says :

    Even in Server 2008R2, there is an event log dedicated to MS Paint. Granted, I have crashed MS Paint on several occasions, but the Great Google is unable to enlighten me as to how it could possibly require its own event log.

    On the other hand, DHCP server errors are not written to the DHCP log in Server 2008R2, so the event log team must have been drunk at the time.

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