According to my collection of Minidump logs, there have been 257 Blue Screens of Death across our entire computer estate since Jan 2011.

Staff have reported the problem exactly 1 time.

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8 responses to “Unreported”

  1. Techguy32 says :

    Did you fix it AT?

  2. Techguy32 says :

    How do you re-install windows? Do you do it through the DVD or restoring through images?

    • The Angry Technician says :

      I use WDS to install over the network, but the image is the standard ISO image. WDS does driver injection automatically and all software is pushed afterwards using Local Update Publisher with Windows Update.

  3. techguy32 says :

    Ah Okay. How long does it take to restore an image?

    • The Angry Technician says :

      The image takes about 20mins on a (modern) machine with an HDD, and about 5-10mins with an SSD. The software installs and updates take a couple of hours and several reboots after that.

  4. Technoidse says :

    Is the PC’s set to automagically reboot at BSOD? While that might annoy the users a bit its less annoying than “I walked away to get more coffe and when I got back the computer ate all my work” complaints :p

  5. Jason says :

    Sounds exactly like one of my client sites, which happens to be a school district. Finally ONE of them came to us with it and all it was, was a Symantec Ghost Client issue. Simple, uninstall Ghost Client. Wonder when we’ll be ‘forced’ to explain why we purposely made the computers display BSOD? Cheers.

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