Speaker Trouble

A few weeks ago while installing replacement workstations, I came across a ‘pair’ of speakers that didn’t work properly. The ‘pair’ were in fact two completely different speakers that happened to have compatible interconnects. They needed a 15V power supply, but had a 9V one. The 9V power supply plug was held in with blue-tack because it didn’t fit properly.

Nobody had ever reported this problem.

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2 responses to “Speaker Trouble”

  1. ScottishTech says :

    I daresay if they needed a 9v supply, and someone blu-tacked in a 15v one then they might have been a tad speedier at letting you know there was a problem.

    That’s assuming the extra 6v were enough to cause interesting side effects like a loud pop, or a melty-plasticy-smell (highly technical term, there).

  2. Andy says :

    I was working in field service and drove 30 miles to look at a none working keyboard, when I got there I found the ps2 connector was connected to – a screw hole in the monitor, the girl on the desk actually thought thats where it went. :)

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