Enabling Dvorak for the Windows 8.1 on-screen keyboard

I’ve always been curious about the Dvorak keyboard layout, but the difficulty (and expense) of finding a quality keyboard to try it with has meant I never actually have tried it.

Then it occurred to me: I only ever use the on-screen keyboard on my Microsoft Surface (since I was too cheap to buy a type cover), and that can be remapped fairly simply:

The result:

Dvorak in IE 11

It’s safe to say you develop a new found appreciation for auto-complete immediately after turning it on. I am now taking bets on how long it takes me to switch back (place your bet on the back of a £50 note to the usual address). If nothing else, it certainly gives you an insight into how difficult children find using a QWERTY keyboard for the first time…

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4 responses to “Enabling Dvorak for the Windows 8.1 on-screen keyboard”

  1. sumgeek says :

    You’ll switch back pretty soon! I tried this for a while and got good enough to (slowly) touch type dvorak… Typing of the Dead helped a lot! But then I went to use a shared QWERTY keyboard and was slower and confused.
    So unless you can switch all your school keyboards to dvorak, it’s going to make your job a lot harder!

  2. Andrew says :

    “Swipe in from the left to bring up the charms”

    The charms appear by swiping in from the right.

  3. mekko says :

    I learned Dvorak four years ago during winter break for shiggles. It was 6 weeks of hell before I before I attained the speed I was generally typing on QWERTY, about 70 wpm, although I never changed the keycaps on my keyboard, and just kept them as they were. At the time, if I tried to type on QWERTY, I was totally incapable, and would have to look at the keys, but after being forced to type a bit of QWERTY, I can type either with relative ease, and have sped up in both. Dvorak averages about 100, while QWERTY is at about 70 or 80.

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