This afternoon I watched a pupil Alt+Tab between Google and Paint while he painstakingly redrew by hand a logo he had found on Google Images.

Either he’s never heard of copy & paste, or he’s taking respect for copyrighted images incredibly seriously.

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5 responses to “Copyright”

  1. Mark Kraemer says :

    Perhaps this was a skill drill in Paint? Trying to figure out how to recreate it himself? Or he is, as you Brits would say, a numpty!

  2. Daniel Beardsmore says :

    Maybe he’s found the bug in Word (2007, anyway) relating to how copying and pasting images from Internet Explorer actually copies all the surrounding HTML *and JavaScript* into the DOCX file (which you can find by unzipping it). (I’m guessing this is from highlighting the image on the page, rather than using right-click → Copy Image.)

    How this implementation makes any sense, is beyond me. I only encountered it after I was presented with a Word document which, after being opened, caused Internet Explorer to not open (not visibly, it only started one thread and hung), and Safari to hang on launch.

    Examination of the call stacks followed by TCP/IP activity indicated that Word was trying to contact all the servers related to the images, permanently locking out the Windows Internet library and thereby all browsers that relied on it. Something to do with the browser history, from what I could see.

    Hand-drawing the images in Paint would have consumed marginally more time than that wasted trying to figure out this mess.

    (Though it’s nice to see the one person on the whole planet who doesn’t shamelessly steal everyone else’s work off the Web.)

  3. Mr M says :

    Copying the artwork of others. It’s how Mozart learned to compose…

  4. MBruy says :

    A printscreen and paste would have also done the trick.

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